A month or two before Julie’s accident, I was asked to write a devotional.  Our church was sponsoring a marriage retreat and the leaders needed a few short lessons.  I was thrilled to be asked.

I learned that the theme of the retreat was friendship in marriage and living out your faith.  I tried forming something around friendship, but I kept coming back to faith.  I kept hearing Hebrews 11:1 in my head.  “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

I was so excited about what the Lord showed me while I looked up the meanings of the Greek words in the verse.  When I finished writing everything up, I shared it with my family.  I remember sharing it with Julie.

The weekend of Julie’s accident was the weekend of the marriage retreat.  Do you see what the Lord did?

Those precious couples from my church prayed for Julie, from the time they got word the Friday it happened.  Some of them woke up in the night and prayed.  Many of them have told me they are still praying for our family.

While I was at the hospital with Julie, I remembered the lesson I’d prepared.  I knew the couples at the marriage retreat would be reading it.  I prayed that the Lord would use what was happening with Julie to bring each of them closer to Him.  And I prayed that I would not fail in the faith I had so joyfully written about.

I remembered that Jesus said if someone is faithful in a little, he will be faithful in a lot.  I saw that we have to be.  There is more at stake when the situation is bad.  The Lord’s very name is at stake.

If we are able to be faithful when things are good, why should we do any different when things are terrible?  God hasn’t changed.  Only the surroundings have changed.  He is still faithful.  He is still holy.  He is still working for our good.

What the Lord showed me as I prepared that lesson on faith was this:  our very foundation is a confidence in the nature of the One who can be relied on.  It means we stand on the rock – The Rock.

Our faith has nothing to do with our own efforts or what happens to us.  It is based on, and consists only of, the unchanging loving nature of our Heavenly Father.

He is faithful.  He always loves us and He will always love us.  The Lord Jesus himself is proof of that.

Phyllis Keels


3 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Phyllis, your writings always bless me as I read them. Knowing you makes it even more special. You are a person of grace and kindness who truly loves the Lord. I pray God’s continued blessing and strength for you. Much love, Mama

  2. Great is His faithfulness! I just don’t know how anyone doesn’t see how faithful our God is all the time! I cannot imagine surviving any part of life without the comfort we receive from Christ. Your faith is so inspiring and I pray you will continue to feel God’s love surround you daily.

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