The Master Writer

Once when Julie was in Sunday School (and she couldn’t have been more than about ten or eleven at the time) the teacher asked a hard question. She asked if anyone knew who the young king of Israel was who heard the book of the law read and tore his robe because he realized that he, his people and their ancestors had sinned against the Lord by not following the things written in the law.

Julie raised her hand and said, “Josiah.” She answered as if everyone would know who Josiah was. That always made me so proud of her for knowing the answer. Julie knew her Bible.

You could ask her just about anything concerning the Bible and she would know it. We had lots of long talks about it. I miss talking with her so much.

I thought about all of that today. I realized that even though she spent ten years of her life fighting against God, part of the reason she came back to Him was because of her foundation in His word.

He used all the things He had shown her in His word to open her eyes to His loving kindness and His perfect plan for her. All those years of reading and studying His word were so valuable in how she viewed Him in the end.

To know someone we have to spend time with them. We have to know how they operate and what they think. We have to know what is important to them and how we can have a relationship with them. To do that with the Lord we have to read what He has written.

As a writer, I can relate to that. Writers want people to read what they write. That’s why the write it. I guess because they really want to be known. Not famous, but known like you know your best friend.

When we put something in writing, we put part or all of ourselves in the words. It’s putting our hearts on paper.

The Lord has done that in His word. He is all through it. It is all about Him and it is full of His goodness and mercy, His unchanging nature and His faithfulness.

We know He wrote it because Hebrews tells us that Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. John tells us that He is also the Word.

Jesus is the Bible in living form. The Bible is Jesus in written form. It’s as simple as that.

And it is a great honor to read what the Master writer has written – the handwritten letter to us from the Living Word.

Phyllis Keels


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