The Point?

Have you ever just sat down and written whatever comes to you? It’s difficult at first. You know, the whole blank page thing. Trying to think up a topic or a scene can be intimidating, maybe because we’re relying on our own abilities.

That’s probably why we’re having trouble. If we’ve been given the gift of writing, then there is something for us to write. You can be certain of that. If the Lord has gifted you, He has something to say through your writing.

I think that’s why writers are usually thinking about writing most of the time. That stuff is going to come out eventually. So how can we help it come out? Or at least keep from hindering it.

One way is to be honest. Write what is on your heart. If you don’t know what that is, ask the Lord to show you. He will. He’s the One who searches the hearts. He is the One who made us. He knows exactly what is in there and He can show us how it needs to come out.

Then? Just write. Write down whatever comes and try not to judge it too harshly. After a few paragraphs you’ll start to see the purpose in it. You’ll start to see the Lord’s fingerprints all over it.

Another thing that helps is refraining from editing right away. This is very challenging for me when I first sit down to write on the novel. But once I get going I have to make myself stop in order to correct things – everything is coming out so fast that I don’t have time to edit right then. I guess my point is – don’t let editing get in the way of the honesty. You can edit later.

Then make it a daily habit of writing. Write something. Write anything. Just write. Like anything else we want to be good at, we have to do it often and we have to make it a priority. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

Keep a list of things that you want to write about. This should not pressure you, but free up your mind from having to remember what you want to write. If it’s written down, you don’t have to worry about it.

But the most important thing is to seek the Lord before you write. Each time you sit down, before you put your hands on the keyboard or pick up that pen, ask the Lord what you can write to honor Him. Ask Him to speak through whatever you write and that what is written will show you something new and wonderful about Him.

The point of being a gifted writer is simply this:  that through it you will know Him better, praise Him in everything and trust Him with all your heart.

That equals love. That produces works filled with love.

Then someone else will read your works filled with love for Him, and perhaps they will know that blessing too.

Phyllis Keels


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