A Day With Emma

I took my dog Emma with me to a book reading of Emma and the Paper recently. I think she was a big hit with the children. She’s such a good dog that I finally just let her off the leash to wander around the room so the children could pet her.

They hugged Emma and talked to her. They wrote stories about what a good dog she is. At one point, Emma was lying on the floor and was covered up with children.

All of the kids were very gentle with Emma because they were sweet kids. Of course, Emma is a gentle dog. There’s no threat of any kind from her, except maybe of getting licked in the face.

It was a wonderful morning and I didn’t want it to end. Getting to read to precious children while having my dog with me – wow! That’s probably one of my top ten favorite things.

If you have a children’s story tucked away in your heart and you haven’t had a good reason to let it out, here is one: the joy I saw in the faces of those children. Your book can do that too.

Because of the book they were able to see Emma. They now have an experience to treasure. I’m sure some of those children will grow up to be writers themselves one day. They will be the ones to create stories to read to the next generation and so on.

All this happens when we obey the urging of the One who has blessing for us in everything. In a little act of love for my dad, God has multiplied the gift of this book over and over. It’s like watching spring unfold on people’s faces.

I encourage you. Write it. Don’t worry about how you’ll get to the audience of children part yet. Just write your story and imagine that you’re already there, because I know this with all my heart: if the Lord has given you a story, He already has an audience prepared.

If He has an audience, He also has an illustrator, and a publisher, and someone for marketing, and the rest. Don’t let any doubt hold you back from writing what He has planted in you. Let it grow into something wonderful, full of the fruit of your heart’s desire.

Hey, you may even get to have your dog with you. That was and is a desire of my heart and He made it happen. He longs to do such kindness for you.

Phyllis Keels


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