Are We There Yet?

Tomorrow is my book signing at a bookstore here in town. Next week is my son’s and my sister’s birthdays. Next weekend is the She Speaks conference. The very next week I start consulting part-time and writing a whole, whole lot.

I knew this month would be packed but wow.

I can’t wait. I can’t wait until I am able to write for several hours a day. There are so many ideas, scenes and even dialogue running around in my head. I’m like a horse at the gate or more like a player on the bench. “Just put me in, coach!”

He is putting me in; it’s just not quite time yet. And that’s ok. It will be here before I can turn around. Besides, the Lord always knows when it’s time.

I just have to wait. But even waiting time is valuable. Sometimes I miss treasures found in the waiting by focusing too much on the goal.

Not that we shouldn’t keep the goal in a place of priority, but we can’t ignore everything else going on because we have blinders on. It’s the “are we there yet?” syndrome.

I’d like to be there now but maybe I’m not quite ready. You know that last minute or two something in the oven needs so it will be just right? You could go ahead, take it out and eat it but it would taste, smell and look so much better if you leave it in that last little bit.

It takes a really good cook to navigate that tiny window of perfection in cooking. It takes the Holy God Almighty to work the intricate details of our maturity in Him.

I have seen Him orchestrate events and situations to the perfect outcome – mind-boggling outcomes. I’ve seen Him lay out a tapestry showing picture after picture of His love for me. So when He asks me to wait, I will wait.

While I’m waiting I get to see the Great Master at work. That’s the part I never want to miss because I was fixating on the goal. I want to watch Him work, ask Him questions and have Him turn and smile at me.

Getting to be with Him like that, I would wait forever.

Phyllis Keels


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