The Making of a Book

When my novel “The Lady of Daldriada” was being published, when it was out for editing and proofreading, my daughter Julie had her accident. In fact, the manuscript arrived back to me to make the suggested edits the day before she died.

I put the manuscript aside and ignored it. After almost two weeks, I knew I had to pick it back up and work on it. The company designing the cover and interior was waiting on me.

When I started going through the changes and updating my original, I felt the first glimmer of happiness since Julie had died. It surprised me. I guess I hadn’t thought I would ever feel anything but agony again.

As I went through the story, I remembered that I had modeled the heroine loosely on Julie. I’d made her a photographer; a self-assured, strong personality who really had a marshmallow heart.

She was compassionate like Julie, but she also didn’t mind telling someone that she didn’t like something. She was looking for her purpose in life. She was looking for the Lord’s hand.

Working on the book gave me something to quench the burning pain for a little while. It also gave me another precious reminder of my daughter, and it was something that the Lord had started years ago.

The timing of the release of the book and my losing Julie could only have been from the Lord. So I changed the dedication in the front of the book to honor Him, and to remember Julie. Here is the new dedication:

“To my beloved daughter, Julie, and for all those she touched by honoring the Lord Jesus throughout her life. To God be the glory. I love you, Boo. Mama”

Yes, to God be the glory.

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