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  1. Hello Phyllis!
    I just came upon your website last night, and was hooked! You’ve provided such a wonderful piece of art here that is sure to inspire many people all over. I too have felt like God has given me the gift as well as the passion to write, as well as the gift of exhortation but I’m not sure how to go about using it. When god gives you a gift, is it your job to fix your life around it and make it your career as would a pastor for example? OR are you only supposed to use it from time to time, when God wants you to. (It was told to me by a Prophet that I had the gift of writing and one day I was going to write A book. So do I do as I please and wait until I find the urge to write the book or what?)

    • Hi Chloe,
      Thank you so much for writing to me! In answer to your question I think the Lord has to show us how to use our gift. I would love to write full-time and think one day He will make that happen. Until then, I think it’s important to write daily on something, anything – blog posts, my novel, Bible study lessons – whatever.

      That way I’m seeking His direction, listening for His voice and sharpening my gift. As He presents opportunities, I take them as steps toward the goal of writing all the time.

      Does that make sense? Something else that might help you would be to join a writer’s group – preferably a Christian writer’s group. Nothing spurs me on more than being around other gifted writers and seeing what the Lord is doing in their lives.

      Hope that helps. Please keep me updated!

  2. Hi there!
    It’s Chloe again, and once more as I was reading your latest post, I felt a huge connection to your story. I’m a college student, and I have been begging the Lord for years now to show me my calling, and even though I have some great ideas (believe me when I say I’ve gone through every career in the book!), nothing has ever felt like enough… I have the potential to do many things, but none of them have been the one you know?

    Well anyways, last week I was sent an email from an unknown subscription that was titled “Are you hiding from your life purpose?”
    I mean really! I have always been a shy person and held back A LOT, and so lately I have been feeling that my calling was out of my comfort zone so when I read the title I was absolutely stunned and knew it was God. One of the main points read:
    “Is the problem really that you don’t know your life purpose or is it that you are afraid to take a chance on what you really want to do? You can’t avoid risks and live your life purpose.”
    Anyways, the link is below (under website). Thanks for the post and take care!
    – Chloe

  3. I stumbled across this through Facebook. How about that coffee sometime? What really provoked me to write is the image of the mountain peak; do you know what mountain that is. It was in a dream I had years ago.

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