1. Workshops

Would you like to learn more about character development, deep point of view, blogging or journaling? Phyllis will be hosting writer’s workshops on these topics and others very soon.

During these one-day workshops you’ll get practical information about the subjects that interest you. You’ll also receive the templates and tools that Phyllis uses.

Each workshop will include activities and practice sessions to help you hone your skills and let your gift of writing breathe.

The workshops are designed to help you find the steps you need in order to become the writer the Lord made you to be. Coupled with Phyllis’ own writing experiences and what she has learned from them, the day should be full of valuable information and entertaining as well. (Please use the Contact tab of this site to inquire)

2. Group Writing Development

In addition to the workshops, Phyllis will host one hour weekly group sessions for concentrated writing development. Each session is limited to ten people and will last approximately eight weeks. (Please use the Contact tab of this site to inquire)

3. Mentoring

If you would rather spend one-on-one time with Phyllis for mentoring in a specific area of your writing, she is available for that service as well.

The mentoring sessions are one hour long, weekly and can last eight to ten weeks. (Please use the Contact tab of this site to inquire)

4. Speaking Engagements *

Phyllis would be honored to speak at your event about what the Lord has done through her writing. She loves sharing the lessons she has learned through years of becoming a writer, of the Lord’s blessings through suffering and of helping others see how the Lord still speaks through the written word.

5. Writing Christian Programs *

No matter what type of program your church is considering, Phyllis can help by writing the speaking parts in it. All of her works are scripturally sound and honoring to the Lord Jesus Christ.

See what others are saying about Phyllis’ writing, teaching and speaking by visiting Phyllis’ website.

*Please use the contact tab to schedule Phyllis for an appearance or engagement.

If we allow the Holy Spirit to speak through our writing, it doesn’t take long to see the miracles He does through the gifts He has given us.

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