Always Today


Photo by Kim Lance (Used by permission. Click image for more of Kim’s work)

Today… Did you know it is always today? Yesterday was today. When tomorrow gets here it will be today. Today is all we have.

Really, we only have right now. This moment. When the next moment gets here it is this moment. See what I mean?

I used to live in yesterday and tomorrow. I was either regretting what I had done in the past, trying to figure out how not to do it again, worrying about tomorrow, or dreaming about a wonderful future I never thought I could have.

No more. Over the years, the Lord has gently taught me that right now is where I can be happy. Right now is where I can live. Right now is where I can feel His sweet presence.

I remember the day that He showed me how vital it is to enjoy now. Not as in living for the moment, do whatever you want kind of enjoy. But being aware in each moment.

If I am doing something I don’t really enjoy, He reminds me that He is with me in it and that I can talk with Him about anything I want. If I am doing something I enjoy, then He usually reminds me of the same thing – He’s with me in it and enjoying it with me.

I can’t describe to you how that simple truth took so much pressure off of me. Gone was the worry about tomorrow and the regret about yesterday. Now, right now, I can breathe freely and relax in how much my Heavenly Father loves me and loves to spend now with me. He is the God of right now.

I used to long for a time when everything worked out the way I thought it should, when everyone I love was well and happy, when I had time to relax… Yep, that didn’t happen often. Even when it did, something interrupted it.

The Lord always has a better way – a way that cannot be derailed or interrupted. He surrounds us with His mighty protection and whispers His gentle peace through us. No matter what things look like on the outside, nothing can disturb the unshakable peace He gives us in the now.

The only thing I can equate it to is being in a noisy room full of people. You don’t want to be there. All you want is a little peace and quiet. You start to feel the noise close in on you like a trash compactor.

Then, you look up and find someone you love more than anyone in the world looking at you with such radiance, such tenderness, such devotion. He is unmoved by everything else in the room. He sees only you and He loves you.

He is looking at you – Jesus, who loves you more than I have the ability to describe. Right there in His gaze is where now is. Right there is where we can live. Right there we hear nothing but the unspoken “I love you” and feel the magnitude of what that means in our heart.

Live in His peace. Live in His love. Live in His now, my friend. And you’ll never miss another happy moment or another happy today.

Phyllis Keels