Here’s To The Moments

Goodness, I love the beach! I saw this photo of Kim Lance’s and it took me right back to my childhood.

My family used to go to the beach once a year, and for me, it was almost better than Christmas. We had all these traditions that went along with our beach trip: same general area of the beach, same types of beach towels and sand buckets/shovels.

We took the same kind of food, and went to the same ice cream place. We had the same routine each day: up early, ate breakfast, played on the beach, ate lunch, took a nap, played on the beach, ate dinner, and collapsed. It was so great!

The best part of the whole thing was seeing my dad relax. When I was young, my dad was a high-powered, driven, chemical engineer. He worked a lot. He had to take several business trips over the years. But when he was at the beach, he was a different person.

Dad played with us. He didn’t work on anything. He laughed more, and it was wonderful to see him smile so much.

When I grew up, I often wondered why life couldn’t have been more like that all the time. Not that it was bad. It was just not that relaxed. Sometimes I long for those days. There have been many times when I’ve said, “I want to go to the beach, but I want to go when I was a kid.”

I know we usually remember the good when looking back, but honestly, it really was that good. Sure, I want to go to the beach when I was a kid because I didn’t have to pack anything, cook anything, or be responsible for anything! All I had to do was play.

But that’s not really why I would love to go back there. It was the joy of being all together with nothing pulling us away from each other. It was some concentrated, lovely family time.

Even now, the memory of my dad’s carefree laugh makes me cry grateful tears. To have heard it once would have been enough, and I heard it many times.

I know last week, I wrote about not living in the past or the future, but in the now. And here I am writing about the past. The past is not bad; it’s just not now and we can’t try to live in it. But the past does help make us who we are. And if we think about it, those memories can help turn “now” into a lovely moment.

I miss my dad, and I miss my daughter. But they will never be farther away than a moment when I remember them and the time we had together.

Here’s to the sweet moments of the past that give light and color to today and keep our hearts full of gratitude for every kindness from the Lord.

Phyllis Keels

Always Today


Photo by Kim Lance (Used by permission. Click image for more of Kim’s work)

Today… Did you know it is always today? Yesterday was today. When tomorrow gets here it will be today. Today is all we have.

Really, we only have right now. This moment. When the next moment gets here it is this moment. See what I mean?

I used to live in yesterday and tomorrow. I was either regretting what I had done in the past, trying to figure out how not to do it again, worrying about tomorrow, or dreaming about a wonderful future I never thought I could have.

No more. Over the years, the Lord has gently taught me that right now is where I can be happy. Right now is where I can live. Right now is where I can feel His sweet presence.

I remember the day that He showed me how vital it is to enjoy now. Not as in living for the moment, do whatever you want kind of enjoy. But being aware in each moment.

If I am doing something I don’t really enjoy, He reminds me that He is with me in it and that I can talk with Him about anything I want. If I am doing something I enjoy, then He usually reminds me of the same thing – He’s with me in it and enjoying it with me.

I can’t describe to you how that simple truth took so much pressure off of me. Gone was the worry about tomorrow and the regret about yesterday. Now, right now, I can breathe freely and relax in how much my Heavenly Father loves me and loves to spend now with me. He is the God of right now.

I used to long for a time when everything worked out the way I thought it should, when everyone I love was well and happy, when I had time to relax… Yep, that didn’t happen often. Even when it did, something interrupted it.

The Lord always has a better way – a way that cannot be derailed or interrupted. He surrounds us with His mighty protection and whispers His gentle peace through us. No matter what things look like on the outside, nothing can disturb the unshakable peace He gives us in the now.

The only thing I can equate it to is being in a noisy room full of people. You don’t want to be there. All you want is a little peace and quiet. You start to feel the noise close in on you like a trash compactor.

Then, you look up and find someone you love more than anyone in the world looking at you with such radiance, such tenderness, such devotion. He is unmoved by everything else in the room. He sees only you and He loves you.

He is looking at you – Jesus, who loves you more than I have the ability to describe. Right there in His gaze is where now is. Right there is where we can live. Right there we hear nothing but the unspoken “I love you” and feel the magnitude of what that means in our heart.

Live in His peace. Live in His love. Live in His now, my friend. And you’ll never miss another happy moment or another happy today.

Phyllis Keels

Song of the Stream Book Launch



We have a book launch! Well, almost.

I tried to get everything ready so the book would be up for sale on Amazon by today, but it may be another day or two before it appears there.

I’ll do a separate post when the book is available. Thank you for all the encouragement and kind words already. I pray that the book will be a blessing to you soon!

Phyllis Keels

Finding Your Strength


This is a week when I needed to hear this message again. I pray it ministers to you too, dear reader.


There is a white squirrel that lives near me. Sometimes he comes out of the woods and gathers acorns in my yard. The other day, he came up on my deck to get a drink of water from the dish I leave out for the birds.

He’s so pretty. He’s not an albino, but a white squirrel. I call him Gabriel because a friend of mine said he was the angel squirrel.

Of course, when he came up on the deck the other day, my dog almost lost her mind. You know how the squirrel taunt of, “You can’t catch me! You can’t touch me!” drives dogs crazy enough to claw their way through a solid oak door.

I love being surrounded by trees and animals. It feels like this is the way life is supposed to be. At least for me. I guess that’s the way the Lord made me: listening for the wind in the trees, watching for the animals, looking for the sunshine.

Life’s not always that way, though. We all go through things that feel like the gray, barren landscape of winter; the bone-chilling and biting north wind, the long overcast days when it seems the sun will never shine again.

I’ve noticed something about this point in life where we’re just about to quit the race and just coast the rest of the way. It’s the point where things get so difficult that we start to lose hope that life will ever turn out the way we want.

It’s the moment when the hero has been beaten to a pulp by the villain, and he is just about to give up. Then something happens. The villain taunts him one more time.

The taunt is always the worst one, isn’t it? “Your mama is a donkey.” Or “Your daddy was a coward.”

What I always wonder is, why does the hero wait until that point to find his super-human strength? Why not go into the fight knowing your enemy is going to fight dirty and just knock him out with the first punch?

My friend, take a lesson from my dog. No matter how many times a squirrel comes on the deck, my dog launches off the sofa and gives the same booming series of endless barks as she did the last forty times that happened.

My dog is prepared to finish the fight as soon as it starts. Not once have I ever seen her give a half-hearted bark or give up. If I ever opened the door, she would chase that squirrel until she lost sight of him.

Sure, we all know that a yellow Lab is not fast enough to catch a squirrel, but my dog doesn’t know that. I don’t think it would change her determination even if she did know it.

My point is this: the last leg of a race is where many people give up, and we run many races throughout our lives. Push through the last part and you will find your strength. That’s because your strength really comes from another source, when you let Him give it.

Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” All things! Paul knew it was Jesus’ strength that carried him through and that it wasn’t his own.

Go into the fight knowing that the strength will be there. Trust in your Heavenly Father who is faithful. Know that He will do it, because He loves you, my friend. He loves you so very much.

Phyllis Keels

Hearing the Music


Well, I’m a little bit behind schedule on the new devotion book, but I’m close. Really close! The book will be up for sale on Amazon before the end of this month.

As I worked on formatting this book, I was able to experience it the way a reader would. I let the words and the beautiful photographs minister to me. The result was a sweet sense of peace and a fullness of the love of our Heavenly Father. It was wonderful and I really needed it.

This should tell you that the Holy Spirit is all in this little book. How could I write something that would comfort me? Only the Holy Spirit can breathe words that give life after you’ve seen death.

When you lose a loved one, everything changes. The way you thought life would be is no more. The music of the future you once anticipated is dead and suddenly it seems there is nothing left but black silence.

But if you listen you will hear it: the Song of the Stream; the river of Living Water flowing toward you; the sound of life itself bringing hope to your broken heart.

Let the Lord Jesus minister to you, friend. Let Him surround you with refreshing and hope. You probably think you’ll never be able to stop crying, much less smile again. I am here to tell you that you will smile, though your smile will be different. It will be real and it will shine compassion on someone else who is trying to hear the music.

Phyllis Keels

The Song of the Stream, written by Phyllis Keels, with photos by Kim Lance, will be available on Amazon soon.

Happy Winds-Day


Photo by Kim Lance (Used by permission. Click image for more of Kim’s work.)

Happy Winds-day, as Winnie the Pooh would say. It most certainly is Winds-day lately. My hair looks reminiscent of a five-year-old child who just got out of bed, after a restless night of tossing and turning. Got the picture?

No matter. It was really nice to feel the warm sunshine yesterday. I needed it. I needed it a lot.

I needed the blue sky to remind me that my Heavenly Father is always shining His smile on me whether I feel it or not. I needed the warmth of the sun to remind me that He holds me close whether I can feel it or not.

When life gets hard I feel the cold blast of wet winter storms. I see the dark skies and the oppressive clouds obscuring the light I long for.

But what we see and feel is not necessarily truth. I know it’s real; it’s just not truth. It is feelings.

We were born to rely on our feelings, but that is only beneficial when we are babies. Not when we are adults. If it were, we would never do anything we didn’t really feel like doing. And that includes a long list for most people; well at least it does for me.

Feelings change. Truth does not. And the truth is: your Heavenly Father loves you all the time. Not because you are good or you do well, but because of Jesus.

If Jesus is our sacrifice, then His payment for us is complete. And that means there is nothing else needed for us to be accepted by our loving Heavenly Father who sent Jesus as that payment.

Whether the wind blows cold and is bitter or whether it is gentle and sweet, the truth is you are a beloved child of the Most High. You are valued because of the price of the One who took your place in death. And you are blessed not because of what you do, but because Jesus is our payment. Period.

So let’s all walk around knowing that we might feel like that five-year-old with the wind-blown hair, but in truth we are deeply loved and highly cherished children – loved by a Heavenly Father who really is that good.

Phyllis Keels

The Wind in the Trees


It is March and it’s really windy lately. That’s normal. The last few days have reminded me how much I love hearing the wind in the trees. One day, that sound and sight sparked a memory. I’m never surprised at the kindness of the Lord. But I am always overwhelmed with gratitude by it. The following is a retelling of one of those days. I pray this blesses you.


I was looking out a window the other day and something about the shape of the trees, the green grass, the sound of the wind, and the blue sky reminded me of my childhood. The view pulled me into a memory that I couldn’t hold on to.

It was like trying to grab a mist or a puff of smoke. Before it surfaced in my mind, it was gone. But the feeling remained. It was a good memory, whatever it was.

Mingled in with it was the bliss of being a daydreaming child. Carefree, loved, taken care of.

I think that moment was a kindness from my Heavenly Father. I was so tired from many compounded adversities of life – worries over loved ones, busy schedule, the weight of sharing the gospel. (I say weight because I do not take it lightly. I love doing it and I respect the importance of it).

Even so, I was weary. More weary than I can describe. I felt battered and bruised in my soul. That’s when I glanced out the window and saw green trees and blue skies, and I felt the breath of the Holy Spirit as He whispered to me, “Remember…”

But I couldn’t remember. I didn’t know what the memory was. I only knew that I had seen something like that view before, and had felt a peace and excitement all mingled together – and I had been happy.

I know now that the memory was not the thing. What the Lord was showing me is that I am a beloved child of the Most High, and He still loves me. I am still a daydreaming child, carefree, loved, and taken care of. I am His child.

Even in the midst of the stuff we deal with in life, I can remember my Lord’s love for me. I can remember that I can always be at rest IN Him. I am IN Christ. Hidden in Christ where I am safe, loved, and at peace.

Our Heavenly Father speaks in soft, gentle ways, and each time we choose to dwell on Him, He opens up more understanding in us so we can receive love from Him. That is what replaces the cares and weariness with a light heart and a rested soul.

I’m so grateful that He cares for me!

Beloved friend, please believe me when I tell you that the Lord loves you the same way. He longs to show you how much. Let Him shower you with that beautiful love – the love that came in the person of Jesus and has already paid for your freedom.

Let Him show you that you too are IN Christ – greatly loved, and completely surrounded with His kindness.

Phyllis Keels

The Eldest


I saw a picture on a social media site of three T-shirts, each with a different caption.

The first one had, “I’m the oldest. I make the rules.”

The second had, “I’m the middle. I’m the reason we have rules.”

The third had, “I’m the youngest. The rules don’t apply to me.”

I laughed so hard! It’s true, isn’t it? At least it was in my family.

I’m the oldest. No surprise there. I never thought that I made the rules. I just knew I had gotten in trouble for not following the rules, and wanted to help others learn from my mistakes.

I felt responsible for everyone and everything. I guess that comes with being the oldest.

Today, I realized that this feeling of responsibility is very, very, very deeply ingrained in me. While I was praying for my family (which I do a lot). First one person comes to mind, and then another, and then another.

Before long I’m overwhelmed by the needs of everyone in my life. So many people (more beautiful than the lovely daffodils above), so little time. I want to give them the loving care and attention they deserve. I want them all to be well, happy, and know the love of God every moment.

Then the Lord showed me something.

I’d been feeling like if I don’t stay focused on praying for my family, then the Lord won’t take care of them and their needs. Like my Heavenly Father doesn’t love my family even more than I do…

That, of course, is ridiculous.

I learned a great lesson today. While the Lord wants us to intercede for each other in prayer, the process, the outcome, and the responsibility are His. Otherwise, He would not put it on our hearts to pray.

I think sometimes the reason we don’t see results from our prayers is that even after we ask the Lord for help, we keep trying to fix things. We won’t let go of the responsibility.

I learned today that I really, really want to do things the Lord’s way. His way is perfect, and His love is true. He wants good for me and for my family, and I want what He wants.

The only way to peace and freedom from worry is to let my Heavenly Father bear the responsibility, because He is Lord. He is the eldest. And because He loves me!

In a nutshell, I am to pray, leave it, and follow His leading. He doesn’t need for me to do everything. He wants me to believe that He loves my loved ones infinitely more than I ever could.

Phyllis Keels

Lean in While You Wait

This is one that I needed to read again. I pray it is a blessing to you too.


Photo by Kim Lance (Used by permission. Click image for more of Kim’s work.)

A couple of years ago I discovered something interesting while waiting and waiting for the figs on my tree to ripen. I checked every day and saw only hard, green, unripe figs or figs that needed another day or two before being picked.

One day in mid-summer, I looked out the window and saw a squirrel sitting on the rail of my deck, right in front of the fig tree. He was eating a fig. From my tree. On my deck…

I had to laugh. At least the mystery was solved. The squirrels were getting to them right before I did.

That memory helped me today because it seems in our spiritual lives we wait and wait for “fruit” – for results, for growth, movement, relief, don’t we? I know I do, and when I don’t see any, I get discouraged.

Most of the fruit I’m looking for is for someone else’s benefit – my family, my brothers and sisters in Christ, friends, co-workers. I want more than anything else for them to be happy in the Lord. I want them to be blessed and have great joy and peace.

It’s hard to see people you love struggle and be in pain. But that just makes me pray for them even more. It makes me lean into my Good Shepherd for His strength, His comfort, His wisdom. And that’s not a bad place to be at all.

In fact, it’s the best place, because it’s a place of rest.

When we’re waiting for something, anything, time seems to drag and drag, doesn’t it? Well, I’m going to use that time to enjoy being in the arms of my Jesus. He is so kind to me!

I’ll use it knowing that His timing is perfect, and while it doesn’t seem like anything is happening on our side, it is. More than we know. The most important things in life are unseen, and the evidence of them may appear years later. By then, we’ve usually forgotten what we were looking for.

But we can trust the Lord’s heart of love, and His beautiful plan for us and our loved ones. He never gets tired of working on our behalf. Never. Just lean into His love while you wait on His timing, my friend.

In addition, just like the “missing” figs, somebody’s being fed, even if I don’t see it. And that gives me a whole lot of peace.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

(Jeremiah 29:11, NIV)

Phyllis Keels

Doing What You Love


So… A dear friend said to me recently, “I don’t like the books I’m reading, Phyllis. They’re not like your books (the Daldriada series). I need you to write another one!”

I think that’s one of the most wonderful things an author can hear! It made me happy and sad at the same time.

I miss writing, and I miss my Daldriada characters so much. But you know how life is – work, family, obligations… None of those things are bad things. It’s just that I still can’t seem to carve out time to write since I came back to work fulltime.

I have about three story ideas swimming around in my head. They surface every now and then. When they do, I push them back down because they surface in the middle of a meeting, or when I finally get to sit down in the evening and not have to think.

Poor stories! They are just trying to come into being. I need to let them.

I have one more devotion book to put out (very soon) and then my focus will be on the next fiction book. The Lord will help me choose a time to write. He always does.

I say all this to encourage you (and myself) that it is okay to devote time to the things we are gifted in. Being gifted is no credit to us. It is praise for the Giver – our Heavenly Father. All good and perfect gifts come from Him.

Do what you are gifted in – it is usually what you love doing. Do you sing, play or write music, excel in a sport? Are you artistic, an encourager, a loving parent or grandparent? Do you cook such wonderful things that people’s eyes roll back in their heads when the eat your food?

Then you are gifted.

I’ve had people comment to me that they don’t think they are gifted in anything. To that, I say hogwash. The Lord is no respecter of persons. He loves every one of us. And He has given you something unique. All you need to do is ask Him what it is.

Until then, my friend, I’m going to get busy doing what I love. Oh! The very thought of seeing a story come to life in my head and then writing it down! It makes me feel like a child again – playing outside, singing songs, and making up beautiful stories of heroism and true love!

I hope you have as much fun doing what you love as I do! Just remember: the Lord loves for His dear children to be happy using the beautiful gifts He has given us!

Phyllis Keels